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Prospective Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students interested in joining an interdisciplinary lab to gain research training in structural biology, biophysics, cell signaling, and chemical biology should apply to the University of Florida Department of Chemistry graduate program.


Current UF graduate students should contact Dr. Eddy

Postdoctoral Fellow Postions

Qualified, motivated postdoctoral researchers with experience in structural biology, pharmacology, NMR spectroscopy, or molecular biology are invited to apply for postdoctoral fellow positions.  When contacting Dr. Eddy to inquire about a position, please include the following in your correspondence:


              1. A single page cover letter that describes your research interests and                        motivation for joining the group

              2. CV that includes full list of publications, educational background, and 3                    references

              3. PDFs of 1 or 2 recent first author publications 

Undergraduate Researchers

The Eddy lab offers training opportunities for enthusiastic undergraduates with a strong work ethic and excitement to learn about biophysics and molecular biology.  Prior research experience helps but is not required.  To inquire about training opportunities in the Eddy group, please contact Dr. Eddy with the following:

               1. Brief description of your motivation for joining the group

               2. CV that includes your educational background and relevant courses                           taken at UF


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